As often as we can we like to feature little profiles of various members of the Silver Stage Players. Since we truly are a 'community' theater group our members come from many diverse backgrounds and possess many different talents both in and out of the theater realm.

Our cast profile this month features our new Vice-Chairman. This new SSP member has been in such shows as Bard in the Yard II, The Pirates of Penzance, GBC's Little Shop of Horrors, and GLP's production of Welcome to Rex's to name a few. Our company cast profile for the Fall of 2014 features Ms. Meghan Campbell!

What is your nickname, if you have one?
Megs or Meg-HAN have been a couple of recent ones.

Favorite restaurant...
Machi’s Saloon & Grill! .

Favorite free thing to do in Elko:
Theatre, darling!

First SSP Show you were in and as what:
Bard in the Yard II. Being a unique performance piece, I was cast in several different roles:

  • Helena & A Fairy: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Maria: Love’s Labour’s Lost

Favorite SSP show you were in:
I’d have to say BITY II. I was given the opportunity to perform in a unique space, with a dynamite cast, and an imaginative director.

Favorite actor/actress and why?
Just one?! Well, I’d have to say my present fascination is on Stanley Tucci. The man is utterly genius when it comes to playing character roles and has a line delivery that is incomparable.

Favorite show/play/musical/movie and why?
Rent. It’s 525,600 minutes downsized into 2 hours and 15 minutes of pure musical and acting brilliance; a story of the diversity and the wonder of love in all its various forms, as well as, the struggles of life, which, in and of itself, is often snatched away from the ones who deserve it most.

Favorite theater memory...
Favorite theater memory... The day I was cast in GBC’s Little Shop of Horrors; it marked the end of my 5 year absence from the stage and the beginning of a series of fortunate events that led to my being cast in other, local shows, with wonderfully talented and amazing individuals.

Theatrical role model...
Again, just one?! I’d have to say Carol Burnett. The woman is a comedic and musical powerhouse! I have 3 words for you: Green Velvet Curtains.

Fave SSP role or technical assignment....
Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’ve had a long love affair with the show itself and a dream of acting in that particular role.

Favorite non-SSP role or technical assignment...
Madame Claudette in Ghost Light Production’s Welcome to Rex’s. Set in the Prohibition Era, the “French” medium was an absolute delight and challenge to perform.

What are some of your theatrical credits...
I’ve been involved in theatre since I was about 6 years old, so there have been a few. Locally, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of Little Shop of Horrors (GBC), Bard in the Yard II (SSP), Welcome to Rex’s (Ghost Light Productions), Pirates of Penzance (GBC & SSP) and, currently, The Last U.S. Mail Stage Robbery (SSP).

What's in your DVD, DVR, or on Hulu, Netflix right now?
I’ve been watching Keeping Up Appearances (a BBC comedy series from the 90’s) on Netflix, and I just recently watched Jim Henson’s Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

What book(s) are on your night-stand right now?
What book(s) are on your night-stand right now? Jane Eyre (big fan of Victorian Lit) and probably some trashy, romance novel…

What CD, mp3, iTunes, playlist, music, podcast, etc all has your attention right now?
I’m a huge music enthusiast, so I listen to a huge variety of music, but my usual music medium is Pandora and the stations I’ve found myself listening to are Little Shop of Horrors, James Newton Howard and Peter Cetera.

The movie that best describes my life...

What is your personal catch phrase, tag line, or signature?
The words “Shut the front door!” and “Oh Mylanta!” is what immediately comes to mind. As for a signature; “I’m a special brand of strange.”

Any random or closing thoughts?
“I regard theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. “ - Oscar Wilde

Coming up from SSP...

  • Don't miss the ETC production of As You Like It! Show runs August 4,5,6 and 11,12,13.

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The War of the Worlds (2000): Judie Hanson as Carla Phillips brings grave news of the invasion as Foley Artists look on.

The War of the Worlds (2000): Judie Hanson as Carla Phillips brings grave news of the invasion as Foley Artists look on.